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    Our home deserves all the security it can get. Be deliberate and get your window locks fixed by Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair, ON, Today.
    A broken window lock could be just as dangerous as a broken front lock.
    As long as that latch or crank is busted, it doesn’t matter the security level at the front door,
    your home is still in danger of being robbed, vandalized, or worse, the inhabitants are in danger too.
    Now, do not let fear cripple you, call us today at Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair and let us deploy the best locksmiths we have on the ground to ensure your security
    by nipping the problem right in the bud.


    Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair is the foremost window and glass repair expert in the city of Richmond Hill, ON. We are committed to delivering quality services that earn the trust and recommendation of our previous clients. We believe in the values of work which are; professionalism, efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair has been registered as a business in Richmond Hill for four years and in that time, we have served a notable number of households, companies, and even public centers. Security is a major deal for Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair because we genuinely care about the wellbeing of every citizen of Richmond Hill and as such, we are committed to installing and repairing sturdy windows to keep the people of Richmond Hill safe even after locking their doors.

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    At Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair, we deliver services ranging from window installation; glass installation, acrylic glass installation, vinyl windows installation, to replacements; window replacement, frame rehauling, aluminum capping, and even repairs; lock repairs.

    As soon as you place a call to us requesting Lock repairs we begin work by; .

    Sending a locksmith over to assess the level of damage, type of lock, and other damages like rusted hinges, broken cracked, or chipped windows because they could be just security like busted window locks.

    We speak with the clients about their security fears and aspirations; type of lock they would prefer

    We draft a Quotation of our services and send them to our clients, patiently wait for their approval, and as soon as we get it, We deploy the best locksmiths in town to fix the locks or install new ones.

    We offer a warranty on all services rendered, and we are obliged to make any fixes that might occur before the warranty date expires.

    Why Choose Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair.

    Our reviews are proof of the services we offer. For the past three years, we have serviced homes in Richmond Hill with durable and safe locks for their security. We also provide customer references upon inquiry.

    We at Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair are a licensed and certified window and glass repair company that has been in existence for three years.

    We deliver all our services promptly with no slacking on the job. This is because we value your privacy and comfort and would not want to encroach upon that.

    We value our clients and as such, we adhere to their instructions and take into cognizance their concerns and opinions

    Our locksmiths could formulate customized locks for clients who would like the comfort of extra security

    We offer a warranty. Not many companies do. As a company policy, our locksmiths and handymen are obliged to make any fixes and/or repairs that occur before the warranty date is due.

    We are thorough in our job,

    During the assessment, we also provide a free assessment of all windows and glass in the home or office and alert the client just in case they had missed it earlier

    We are strictly professional in our business approach and especially customer relations