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    Do your windows now dangle? Does it always or often feel like you dissipate all your strength whenever it comes to opening and closing your windows without breaking a sweat?
    Your window has seen better days yes, but it doesn't have to be in the past now.
    Struggling with basic window functionality like closing and opening is usually because of old rust and dilapidated hinges. Sometimes, broken hinges could also make your windows dangle. Overall, a busted hinge is a useless window and a huge compromise on security. In Richmond Hill ON, got a broken hinge?
    You need not worry about getting your window in perfect working condition again. We at Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair are here to take all of your burdens.


    Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair is the foremost window and glass repair expert in the city of Richmond Hill, ON. We are committed to delivering quality services that earn the trust and recommendation of our previous clients. We believe in the values of work which are; professionalism, efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair has been registered as a business in Richmond Hill for four years and in that time, we have served a notable number of households, companies, and even public centers. Security is a major deal for Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair because we genuinely care about the wellbeing of every citizen of Richmond Hill and as such, we are committed to installing and repairing sturdy windows to keep the people of Richmond Hill safe even after locking their doors.

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    At Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair, we offer services on window installments, replacements repairs, and even basic fix for residential homes, corporate buildings, and even cars.

    For your window hinge repair, we offer the following service;

    A damage assessment; after we receive your call, we deploy a handyman to determine the extent of the hinge damage, The handyman through his expertise judges if the hinge can be repaired or require a complete replacement. Our handyman also checks for other window damage the client may not be aware of and then advises the client on the need to act.

    After assessing the damage, we draft a quotation to deliver to our clients and wait for their approval. Once gotten, we deploy a team of handymen to handle the hinge repair and/or replacement and purchasing of materials; but hinges, flush hinges, and other machinery needed for the job.

    We offer emergency or same-day hinge repair or replacement as well as aesthetical advice if you are thinking of replacements

    We offer a warranty for all services rendered by us at Richmond Hill, Window and Glass Repair.

    We at Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair believe we have distinguished ourselves through various distinguishing factors. You should choose us because;

    Our reviews are proof of the services we offer. For the past three years, we have serviced homes in Richmond Hill with durable and safe locks for their security. We also provide customer references upon inquiry.

    We at Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair are a licensed and certified window and glass repair company that has been in existence for three years

    We deliver all our services promptly with no slacking on the job. This is because we value your privacy and comfort and would not want to encroach upon that.

    We value our clients and as such, we adhere to their instructions and take into cognizance their concerns and opinions

    We offer a warranty. Not many companies do. As a company policy, our handymen are obliged to make any fixes and/or repairs that occur before the warranty date is due.

    During the assessment, we also provide a free assessment of all windows and glass in the home or office and alert the client just in case they had missed it earlier We are strictly professional in our business approach and especially customer relations