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    Need a window glass repair in Richmond Hill? Busy schedule, and can’t seem to handle all the running around? Well, what if all you need to do is simply place one phone call, go about your business, and when you get back your glass repair will look as good as new? Do you think it sounds too good to be true? Well, that’s what we at Richmond Hill Window and Glass repair are all about. Making possible the impossible. Call us at Richmond Hill, Window and Glass Repair ON, today, and let us handle your window glass repair.

    And that is where we come in, you don’t need to stress yourself or a friend trying to fix what can’t be fixed. We offer professional expertise in glass replacements amongst other things listed below convincing you to patronize us.


    Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair is the foremost window and glass repair expert in the city of Richmond Hill, ON. We are committed to delivering quality services that earn the trust and recommendation of our previous clients. We believe in the values of work which are; professionalism, efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair has been registered as a business in Richmond Hill for four years and in that time, we have served a notable number of households, companies, and even public centers. Security is a major deal for Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair because we genuinely care about the wellbeing of every citizen of Richmond Hill and as such, we are committed to installing and repairing sturdy windows to keep the people of Richmond Hill safe even after locking their doors.

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    At Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair, we deliver services ranging from window installation; glass installation, acrylic glass installation, vinyl windows installation, to replacements; window replacement, frame rehauling, aluminum capping, and even repairs; lock repairs, crank repairs, frame repairs, broken glass repairs, etc.

    For your Window Glass Repair, we offer the following services as soon as you place the call;

    Damage assessment; We assess the level of glass damage before embarking on any other thing. No level of glass damage is the same. Be it a baseball through the wall, a crack, or a chip, and determine if the glass can be fixed. If the damage is beyond repair, we may suggest a replacement. As part of our business ethics, we also assess the overall condition of the window. We check for rusted hinges, rotten window frames, etc and alert the client, just in case they had missed it earlier

    We draft a quotation and deliver it to the client. We await approval or an agreement and then we begin work immediately.

    We deploy a team of handymen to your home to repair the damaged glass. Our handymen who have been trained in customer relations are of a company set standard of professionalism and you will have no issue relating with them They are also mandated to complete your job within a stipulated time because we care about the privacy and comfort of our clients.

    We offer a warranty on all of our services rendered. If any of the services fall below the expected before the delivery date, we are mandated to offer a free fix unless of course, the damage was acted upon by external factors.

    Why Choose Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair

    We at Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair believe we have distinguished ourselves through various distinguishing factors. You should choose us because;

    We have a track record for providing the best window glass repair in all of Richmond Hill. Now, this isn’t just company marketing, our reviews can attest to this and references can always be provided to intended clients upon request.

    We deliver all our services promptly and correctly. Our workers cannot be found slacking on the job

    We offer a warranty for all services rendered.

    We value our clients and take each job just as seriously as our entire brand depends on it because it does.

    Our customer relations are impeccable.

    We can work and deliver the customer's desires even without supervision.