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  • Window Cranks Repair.

    Is your window crank busted again?
    It may be time to ditch the YouTube DIY and finally get professionals on the job.
    Not sure where to find one?
    Here at Glass and Window Repair Experts, North York, ON, we can provide you with a one-time fix for your window cranks, be it car cranks, home cranks, or even office cranks.
    So put away those DIY tools, put your credit card down, suit on the couch and call us today to tap into our wealth of window repair services, relax and let us handle your window cranks and casements.

    Window Cranks.

    Window cranks or Window casement operators are used to operate an old window design known as the Casement style. The casement style is highly common in old homes and quite common in most cars modeled between, 1960 to 2007. A casement window works with a crank for opening and closing. This technology functions with a handle with a spline way beneath it, while the handle is turned, the spline and gears wear out. Over time, the entire crank just stops working no matter how many times you wind them, the handle slips or just pops right off. DIY is only a temporary fix to window cranks issues, they often revert to their old condition within three to six weeks. Why settle for a reoccurring fix when you can sit in the comfort of your home and cast your window crank repair burden on Glass and Window Experts North York, ON?


    We at Glass and Window repair experts are a window repair company in North York, ON, that has been in existence for the past five years. At Glass and Window repair experts, we offer our numerous services; window glass repair, broken glass replacement, window hinges and cranks repair, frame replacement, window installation, planes aluminum, etc., to both residential areas and corporate areas. At Glass and Window repair experts, we are committed to customer satisfaction, taking each client's job as seriously as the next, impeccable service, and amiable customer interaction. Our policies are ultimately customer friendly, easy to walk through and we are available round the clock. We have ample workmanship at our disposal to deploy to your job whenever need be. At Glass and Window repair experts North York Ontario, we have served over two hundred homes within set updates and have delivered stellar services only, our bout of customer reviews attest to that fact.

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    At Glass and Window Repair Experts, we are the jack of all trades when it comes to windows, and our services cut across a plethora of window repair; installation of glass, planes, aluminum, vinyl, and even wood, broken glass, lock, hinges, cranks, and casement repair.

    For cranks and casement repair, we offer the following services:

    A thorough assessment of the damage. Here our team of handymen assess the damage of the casement and crank, search for missing pieces and determine if it should be repaired or just completely replaced.

    After the damage assessment, draft and send a quotation to the client and wait for an agreement/ approval

    As soon as we get approval, we deploy a group of handymen who will be responsible for your job. They are to purchase the necessary materials and give your project an impeccable finishing.

    We provide a warranty for our services rendered. If any of them fall short of the expected before the due date, we are mandated to give a thorough fix free of charge.

    Why Choose Us.

    With the competition of window repair services in Richmond, we have set ourselves apart through the following

    Reliability; Glass and Window Repair experts have proven to be reliable and efficient, by servicing over two hundred homes in North York and delivering one-time exceptional services. This is validated by our numerous positive reviews and recommendations.

    Speed; we are committed to delivering our services promptly We have immense respect for our client as such, we take each job as seriously as the next. We can work and deliver the customer's desires even without supervision.

    We value our clients and take each job just as seriously as our entire brand depends on it because it does. Our customer relations are impeccable.