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    Have you spent a lot on window repairs in Richmond Hill lately?
    Here’s what it’s like for most owners…
    Today, you repair a hinge, then tomorrow you repair a window crack, and the next day after that, the locks get busted.
    It feels like your windows are playing pranks on you.
    We understand how tiring it can be and so we at Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair, ON have a tested and trusted solution to your window problems.
    Two words, one job, lasting solution; Aluminum capping.

    An aluminum capping is a perfect solution to your reoccurring window problems. Employ the services of Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair and get your aluminum capping done by experts.

    What isaluminum Capping?

    Aluminum capping is the coating of window frames, hinges, and locks in aluminum and the process of caulking air leaks. It has a couple of enviable benefits compared to other window maintenance, these benefits include;

    Prevention of further damage; aluminum capping prevents the elements from causing damage to the main window frame, systematically preventing rottenness.

    Financially convenient; aluminum capping is highly financially convenient as it is improving on materials already in place rather than replacing them entirely.

    Durability; Aluminum capping helps windows last longer by increasing the strength of the window frames and hinges.

    Aluminum capping beautifies the home. It is usually neater and more eye-catching than regular wooden frames.


    Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair is the foremost window and glass repair expert in the city of Richmond Hill, ON.

    We are committed to delivering quality services that earn the trust and recommendation of our previous clients. We believe in the values of work which are; professionalism, efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

    Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair has been registered as a business in Richmond Hill for four years and in that time, we have served a notable number of households, companies, and even public centers.

    Security is a major deal for Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair because we genuinely care about the wellbeing of every citizen of Richmond Hill and as such, we are committed to installing and repairing sturdy windows to keep the people of Richmond Hill safe even after locking their doors.

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    At Richmond Hill Window and Glass Repair, we handle all types of window repairs, installments, and even basic fixes.
    For aluminum capping, our services include:

    • As soon as we get your call, we deploy a team to assess the window frames to be capped with aluminum. Our team of handyman determines if they are in good condition to be capped or require a replacement first.

    • Afterwards we send a quotation to the client and wait for our client's approval. We are also open to working within the budget of a thin client.

    • We go on to deploy a group of handymen to your home and they offer the coat the window frames with aluminum. This helps prevent attacks from pests, water damage, and so on.

    • We also offer same day services and emergency services. Although these come at a higher price, we are positive it still stays within the confines of your budget and you do not have to break a bank or incur debts.

    • We offer a warranty for our services rendered and our handymen check in to monitor the aluminum capping for up to a working week